A selection of my articles and essays.


On Gray

Grayness is a term that, unlike, whiteness or blackness has no political meaning, it is therefore that gray can be invoked on any spectrum without causing much notice.

January, 2019

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What Sunday Feels Like

This is a Sony Trinitron® Color TV model KV-2037RS for sale in Central and South America, released in 1989.

December, 2018


The Computer Resort

How Cancun was selected to be a tourism empire and the results of its unfettered growth.

November, 2017


Finding the Hidden Grid: From Design to Art and Back

It is one of the underlying connections between art and design that has come from the earliest scribes.

Advil, son

Whenever I take Advil, I think of my Dad

November, 2013

Gilberto, 1988

The boat was delivered to us with approximately ten tons of sand and seaweed from the nearby ocean.

August, 2013

Dear Gliese 667Cd,

Dear Gliese 667Cd

A letter to our extrasolar friend

June, 2013